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Is HTML email dead?

It seems that no matter where I turn these days I’m confronted with spam. From
email to blog comments, this nuisance is taking over the web. One area that has
taken a huge hit from this is corporate email marketing. Many of you may think of
this as spam, but for many corporations this is a heavily relied upon aspect of
their business.

I’ve recently experienced this first-hand and have come away with the following
conclusion. If your business relies on email marketing, it’s time to go back text
email. Corporate spam filters have become so strict that most email marketing
messages are never seen by their intended audience. Often, if the message does
get through, it shows up with the “spam” message in the email title. Many people
have setup the rules in their mail programs to send these straight to the delete

Text email isn’t the only solution. RSS has
grown to a point where every corporation should start finding ways to leverage
the technology. Since people have to “sign-up” for RSS, they are actually asking
to receive updates from you. This is fast growing technology and it’s time to start
planning for how it fits into you business.

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