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Burger King embraced eMarketing by creating an online viral campaign called the
“Subservient Chicken”. It
wasn’t the most professional looking advertisement nor was it funded by millions
of dollars but the result was exactly what Burger King needed. The site received
over 14 million visitors and sales growth increased in October through January.

Article in AdWeek.

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It sounds like a tongue twister but Google’s decision to advertise in RSS feeds
show how important this communication tool is becoming. Once Microsoft adds
RSS to Internet Explorer, you will see a huge surge in its usage.

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Despite Burger King’s best effort they still missed one key piece to their viral
marketing campaign. They didn’t have a way to measure the results. The
increased sales growth during the viral marketing campaign is great but Burger
King doesn’t know if it is a direct result of the “Subservient Chicken”. There are
always other factors that could be involved.

When it comes to viral marketing, there isn’t a set of procedure for you to follow
to ensure success but there are steps that you must follow to make the campaign
successful. One of those steps is measurement. Without measuring the
campaign you don’t know whether you should run it again or try a different

Related Example

If you run email marketing campaigns and you don’t measure your results you
must start doing so. Email marketing campaigns consistently return poor results.
I good campaign will receive less than 10 opportunites out of 1000 people
emailed. Now if you don’t mind spamming 990 people to find 10 that are
interested, then keep doing what you’re doing. Otherwise, you should be very
concerned about what the other 990 people think about your company after they
receive your unwanted messages. If you must market through email, make sure
the people on your list want to receive what you are sending.

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I guess I was a few weeks too early in launching my redesign. May 1st Reboot will take place on
Sunday. I can’t wait to see some of the new web designs that come from this.

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A quick look at McDonald’s stock market chart for the past 5 years shows that they are
down $10 per share. During this time McDonald’s has continued to do the same
old mass advertising spending over $600 million annually on its advertising

Where’s the return? There isn’t any.

They’ve managed to spend enough money to run a small country only to become
completely irrelevant. If McDonald’s can’t find a way to throw enough money at
mass media advertising to improve its image, earnings, and profits why would
any other company think they should do the same? Now’s the time to shift your
focus and find ways to take advantage of the new emarketing environment.
Technology is changing marketing, making it cheaper, faster, and more focused.
This is something none of us could have imagined before the web.

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Skype has been growing significantly over
the past year. They are changing the way people communicate around the world
with their free usage and huge user base. Now an enthusiastic group of users are
finding ways to “Skypecast”. Skypecasting, similar to podcasting, uses Skype’s peer-to-
peer telephone network to distribute digital recordings. Like podcasting, it gives
anyone the opportunity to have their own broadcasting network. The redesigned
radio is going to have a significant impact on advertising in the coming years.
Instead paying large amounts of money to essentially spam thousands of people,
skypecasting/podcasting is going to allow companies to market to the segments
of people interested in their products. Like Google did with search key words,
someone, possibly Google, will do the same with skypecasts/podcasts.

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Many of you already realize the power and value of blogs. If your company does
not have a blog program in place you have to start now. This is a valuable part of
marketing which provides an opportunity to communicate directly with your
customers. Corporate blogging is quickly becoming more powerful than email
marketing. Instead of spamming a list and hoping 2% of the people respond to
your offer (while 98% are turned-off by your approach), blogging builds a
relationship with your readers.

Corporate blogs also add value to your web site. Most corporate sites don’t give
you a reason to visit the site every day or every week. With a blog program you
are establishing a relationship with people and through RSS you are
communicating with them each time your blogs are updated. If they find value in
your blogs, they will return to your web site more frequently and frequent visitors
will provide better suspect leads.

Read the BusinessWeek Online Article.

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