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If I was Microsoft I’d be very worried about Web 2.0. With AJAX there is a huge
opportunity for a company to completely replace Microsoft Office with an online
version. For the first time, I’ve found myself having the desire to start using and
storing Word files online. This would be a huge benefit for me since I use several
computers through out the week. Transferring files through email is becoming a

One example that I’ve started to look into is gOFFICE. They have a word
processor ready to use and spreadsheet and presentation products are in beta.
They still have some work to do but it shows the promise of using your browser to
support tools that were once only thought of as offline products.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the first company that figures out how to
leverage Web 2.0 to not only build products such as this but leverage them into
an online collaborative environment. Perhaps Chalk will be that answer. Stay tuned…

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