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It looks like Google will be taking advantage of CSS to display more information
on its search results.

Screen Shot
I like it but I’m wondering if the older crowd will even know there is more
information available by clicking on the arrow.

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What is it about corporate web sites that make them lag behind all other types of
sites? I’m talking about company sites such Oracle, Honeywell, and GE where
little has changed over the last several years other than the design. I see very
little effort to turn these sites into interactive environments for customers. Most
company sites are bland information sites filled with marketing hype that few
people will ever take the time to read. When will these companies understand
this and start investing in the best marketing tool available right now?

To get started on making your site more interesting, consider the following:

  • Start a blog – even better, throw out your marketing hyped product pages and turn them into blogs that are part of your corporate site. Have your product managers contribute to them at least once a week.

    Also turn on the comments, the information you receive with be

  • Tag your web pages – corporate site search engines are some of the worst available…it wouldn’t hurt to fix this problem but tagging your web pages can improve customer’s search and provide a new way to find information.
  • Use RSS – Provide RSS feeds for your content. Data sheets and white paper feeds are a great way to update customers with the latest product information. You should use customized RSS feeds to generate sales leads. Supplement your email campaigns with RSS. It won’t be long
    before RSS surpasses email usage.
  • Simplify your home page – Stop putting all of your marketing promotions on the home page. People will not read a cluttered home page and it makes your company look like it doesn’t have its act
  • Graphics – Can we all agree to stop using generic pictures of people in an office environment? It’s safe and it’s boring. Try to stretch your ideas and come up with some interesting photography which
    goes along with your promotions.
  • Landing pages – create custom landing pages for your paid advertising. It’s a huge waste of money to send people to your home page. Your home page has the highest dropout rate. Why send people there?

I’m sure I’ll think of several more suggestions later but this should get you started. As marketers, we need to look for new ideas. We’ve gotten away from innovation and have relied upon our old ways to get things done. If you want to stand out in the market you have to lead the way. Stop following the old business rules and find the edge of your business.

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An inspiring site…I love the footer. I great resource for showing how to capture


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Explanation by Paul

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Landing Pages

Seth Godin recaps the purpose of landing pages. Good reference.

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More often than not, the fast response isn’t the best response. I usually don’t
have the quickest response to a question but that’s because I take the time to
think through the whole process. I get frustrated when I hear someone shout out
a bad idea or worse, an idea filled with buzzwords with nothing to back it up, just
to be heard first. And it’s true that this is the idea that people typically follow
because it’s perceived to be the best answer because this person produced it so

Here’s a nice blog post to reference in the future explaining this.

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