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Can we all agree to stop using the marketing buzz words such optimize, industry
leader, integrated, enhanced, visibility, and my all time favorite best-of-breed?
We’ve used these buzz words so many times that they don’t have any meaning.
Every company claims to be an industry leader. You can go to almost any
software web site and take out the product name and insert your product name
and you wouldn’t even know the difference. It’s boring and it doesn’t explain what
you do to your customers. Treat your customers like you friends. Stop the buzz
word madness.

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I’m currently a one man show in online marketing. One thing I’ve learned from
this is the next time I have some help, i.e. people to manage, I will be requiring
that they track their projects through blogging. Blogging is an under used tool for
internal corporate communication. It would be a great way to keep up on the
tasks your employees are working on without them having to email you every
little detail. I could have an RSS feed that updated me on their progress. The
employees would tag their posts with manager names, key words, etc. that could
be used to update the RSS feeds. How great would it be if you were the CEO of
an organization and you wanted to be kept up-to-date on the latest web redesign
project. You could simply subscribe to the online marketing RSS feed or a feed
built around the key words, redesign, web, and marketing. This is the future of
internal communication.

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If I was a call center manager I would do the following…

I would place my direct phone number at the beginning of the call center
answering system message. This would be similar to the “how am I driving”
number on the back of many business vehicles. The purpose, to improve the
treatment of our customers. I would want every bad experience reported directly
to me by the customer. This would build trust and respect with our customers and
potentially turn a bad experience into a positive one that would keep this person
as customer in the future. It would also ensure that I hire the best call center
people, provide the highest level of training possible, and trust them to do what is
best for the customer.

On a positive note: I had a problem with a Panasonic phone I purchased a few
weeks ago. I relunctantly called the support line expecting to be onhold forever.
Surprisingly, the system transferred me to someone who could help with my
problem right away. Nice job Panasonic!

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