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I don’t normally comment on my local sports teams but I read this post today and although I agree with Eric Wilbur to a certain point that bandwagon fans take away from the fun of what used to be Red Sox Nation, I’m not willing to go back to pre-2004.

I mean, if this is the price for having a successful baseball team, one that I had the fortune of seeing win the World Series during my life time, then I don’t mind. I’d rather have a bunch of bandwagon fans following my winning team than go back to the early 90’s when the Sox were getting swept in playoff series they never had a chance in or worse watching the team play sub-500 baseball for several years. If you only want to hang out with diehard fans then go follow the Bruins. You can bet there won’t be any bandwagon, pink hat wearing fans there.

As for this fan living in exile in the Bay Area, I’m not sure what A’s/Sox games he was going to. I lived there from 2001 to 2003 and went to most of the A’s/Sox games and at least 40% of the people there were Sox fans. There were huge ovations for the 2 brave soles who ran around the upperdeck with a Patriots flag, the line to Bart frequently had “Fenway West” chants going on, and you had the same loud “Let’s go Red Sox” chant going during the game.

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