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Here’s a random thought as I study a heat map of our corporate home page. When people click on the company logo in the top left corner of the page, where do they expect to go? Where should this take them? Isn’t it universally understood that the corporate logo in the top left is the “home” link? I don’t have an answer just yet but some experimenting is in order.

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I found it interesting that Business 2.0 recently redesigned their magazine to give it a Web 2.0 feel. Just 10 years ago it was the opposite. Web sites tended to have a distinct magazine feel to them. Especially with the number of print designers making the switch to the web. Now you have web designers with a pure web background and the print industry is the one trying to capture this new look.

Here’s a quote from Business 2.0 editor, Jash Quittner, explaining the new design.

“Every page is shiny, colorful, and covered with widgets, creating a magazine that looks more like a Web 2.0 site than a traditional print publications.”

I’ve always liked Business 2.0’s clean look and they’ve managed to refresh the magazine without losing this attribute. The shiny widgets can sometimes be a bit too much (think typical Web 2.0 company logo complete with drop shadow) but it doesn’t get in the way of the content which is what’s important to me.

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