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When it comes to sharing, searching, storing photos we have some great options. I use Flickr and I’m a huge fan but it doesn’t keep me from tracking what is going on at Zooomr. Thomas Hawk and team have done a great job of building this Flickr competitor. One thing I’d love to see Zooomr do would be to allow photographers to sell their photos within Zooomr. I had been hoping that Flickr would do this but since they’ve been purchased, they’ve moved at Yahoo speed, which is to say very slow. Yes, geo tagging is nice but I’ve been waiting for private RSS feeds which have been coming soon for years now. So I’ll propose this to the Zooomr folks.

Is there any possibility that you will allow users to purchase public photos that other users have posted to Zooomr? There are so many times where I come across a great photo in Flickr that I’d like to have at home or in my office but I’m left to negotiating this on my own with each individual photographer. It would be nice if a user could setup simple pricing, their profit on each photo sold based on size. Something like:

User Profit + Cost to Print (size) + Zooomr fee = Total Cost (what the purchaser sees)

This way great artists can make a profit on their photos, it would attract more professional photographers to the site, and I have a way to purchase all of these wonderful photos that until recently I could only look at within a web browser.

How about it? Any chance?

Perhaps this strays too far from Zooomr’s business model but I’m hoping that maybe some day it will be included. I know I won’t see it on Flickr anytime soon.

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