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If I was to start an open source hardware project these are 2 that I’d would start today.

The Open Source iPod

What could knock Apple off of its pedestal? What about an open source music/video player that looked and performed like the touch-screen video iPod that everyone has been wanting for years. If Microsoft really wanted to take the leadership position in this market they would have opened the platform up to developers. There’s a huge opportunity right now to provide a sexy player with barebones software that the development community can add-on to. Look at how fast people are hacking the appleTV and adding new features. Imagine the possibilities if for mobile device that opened up it’s software to developers.

The Twitter Mobile Device

Twitter is fun an addictive tool for sharing with friends or the world what you are doing at any given moment. Now what if you had a tool to do this wherever you go? If I had any kind of hardware knowledge, I’d create a very thin device that opened like a clam shell phone only sideways. One half would be a thumb keyboard and the other half would be small screen capable of showing a whole twitter entry. The device would communicate with your mobile phone through bluetooth to keep it light weight, basically it leech what it needed from your mobile phone providing only the additional tools to communicate with twitter. You can leave your mobile phone in your pocket while you use your twitter mobile device to make posts from any place at any time. Thin, lightweight, and simple to use.

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Hard drive sizes have got to pick up the pace. For several years, I used to think that it would be impossible to fill my 60GB drive. Now that I have a daughter, I’m wishing I could get several Terabytes of data on a single drive. I’m taking many more photos then I have ever taken and I’m even shooting short movies. I’m also playing around with archiving DVD’s so I can access them from a media center whenever I want. Sure I can string together several 500GB or 700GB drives but buying separate drives gets expensive real fast. I’m also using a D-Link NAS for it’s Gigabit speeds and data throughput but it only holds 2 drives. I don’t need a NAS farm and I don’t want to invest in a file server. What I need is a huge drive, 2 to 4 TB, at a reasonable price to put in my NAS. This would a least get me through the next several years even if I’m archiving some high-def content.

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