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Nice comparison of Apple TV vs. Mac Mini. I need a way to get my photos, archived DVDs, home movies, and music to my HDTV from my home network but I’m not convinced the best solution is available just yet. I was hoping the Apple TV would be the answer but I’m back leaning toward a Mac Mini…while hoping that it gets another spec bump to better handle HD recording. For now, I’ll wait and see what comes of the Apple TV. Once the reviews file in and the hackers come out with some enhancements it may make the answer more clear cut.

In the end, it doesn’t have to be Apple, but it has to have slick UI, support multiple file formats (VIDEO_TS,DivX,etc.), and be easy to use. Other nice to haves that may push me toward my final purchase would be HD recording, TV show archiving, and web. Hopefully an affordable solution will present itself in 2007.

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Apple on 24

Last night I finished watching 24. One thing that I found very interesting was Apple’s product placement in the show. Instead of purchasing the ad space to have all of CTU’s computers running Mac’s, Apple paid only to have Chloe use a Mac and Apple monitors. This makes a very subtle statement which I think works, at least for me. Chloe is the brightest and most talented employee at CTU (and most unique you could say) and having her use a Mac while everyone else is stuck using Dell’s coincides nicely with Apple’s “I’m a Mac” ad campaign.

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It’s real and it’s spectacular.

I’ve been waiting a long time for this and Apple didn’t disappoint other than it only working on the Cingular network. I guess I’ll be switching carriers. I’ve been a long time Sprint customer and they have always treated me very well but they don’t have a phone that can compete with the iPhone at any level. Now what remains to be seen is how much it will cost per month. I want one of these in the worst way but if Cingular doesn’t have a reasonably priced all-you-can-eat data plan then it won’t be worth my while. I’m certainly looking forward to hearing more about this up until the June launch.

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I’ve been using the Parallels Desktop for Mac software for the past couple of weeks now and I’m blown away. I started out with the beta build 3094 and upgraded to 3106 today. I’m running this on my MacBook Pro with 1GB of RAM.

One of the things I hate about using a Mac in a PC environment is being stuck with Entourage. My company uses Exchange for email so my alternatives are limited. With Parallels, I’m back to using Outlook. I can now use all of the Outlook plug-ins including conferencing software without having to go back and forth between my PC and Mac. This alone is fantastic.

The other main reason for my love of Parallels is that as an Internet Marketing Manager I can check our corporate web site in IE 6, IE 7, Firefox, and Safari without constantly switching computers. If you design web sites in a Mac environment you need this software. It’s a huge time saver and great on the road when you can do all your testing and deployment on one machine.

Another benefit of using Windows on a Mac is that Windows Office runs much faster in Parallels then Mac Office 2004 runs on the Mac. This has a lot to do with the Mac version of Office not being optimized for the Intel platform but I wasn’t expecting such a noticable difference. I’ve found that it is easier to open a document in Windows Word and copy and paste the text into Dreamweaver on the Mac. The copy and paste between OS’s is flawless and and simple thanks to being able to using the apple-c and apple-p commands in Windows.

Currently, there are a few minor issues that I’ve run into. First, I wish the speed was a little better. My 1GB MacBook Pro slows down slightly when switching applications and windows. I’m sure if I had more RAM this would solve this problem but for now I’m stuck at 1GB (I’m using 268MB for the Windows environment). The other issue comes from using email in Windows and most other applications in OS X. When you receive attachments in Outlook, it is a 2 step process to get the attachment into OS X. The easiest way I’ve found is to copy the file to the Windows desktop and then drag it over to the Mac desktop. This seems to work fine but I wish I could drag the file straight from Outlook to the Mac desktop. This would be a real nice feature.

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