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If I was a restaurant owner looking to create a remarkable experience I’d start here.

What if you created an interactive experience for your customers. No need to wait for menus, drinks, or your bill. You could order everything from your table and it would be sent to the main hub in the kitchen. Waiters/waitresses would see your order on the screen as it comes in and would be bring your drinks and food over as soon as it is ready. No need to try to find your waiter when you need a refill and you haven’t seen them in 10 minutes.

Now, what if you took this one step further and allowed people to rate their meal once they’re done? Now that would be something worth talking about. You could come into the restaurant for the first time and see what the most popular dish is for that day, week, month, etc. This would help would ensure the quality of the food, customers can experiment or see what they best meals are, and the restaurant owner can eliminate the meals people don’t like and add in new meals and see what the response is.

This is a hit in the making. Restaurants meet the digital age. Who will be the first to do it?

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