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Wow, quite the conversation going on about the validity of the press release and idea of replacing them with blogs. It looks like Stowe kicked a hornets nest. Who can blame the PR folks for getting upset. They’ve worked long and hard to dig those trenches. Now they must defend their camp.

I’d love to see the press release go the way of the dinosaur. In fact, I personally feel that a corporate web site should be a series blogs mixed with company contact information, events, partner content, etc. I wrote about this a while back and still think that product pages should be blogs done by a product manager or product teams. This information would be far more relevant and useful for people then the standard marketing pitch which is neither interesting nor authentic but I digress.

Here’s a recent experience where a blog would have been far more valuable then a press release.

It’s the middle of the day and a company’s Ex-CEO is charged with securities fraud. All the major newswires are covering the story but there is nothing from the company about this news. Why is this? It’s because the company has gone into damage control mode. Six lawyers and the PR team are busy trying to craft a one paragraph release that tries to explain the situation without saying anything at all. The whole paragraph is spin and meaningless and everyone knows this. It said a lot of nothing and that was the intent…make it sound good, appease the shareholders, and let’s not add to the situation. Too late, this release took seven hours to put together, wasted several hours of employee time, and came out well after the news broke. Shareholders and everyone else already got the news and opinions from other places. The press release was much too late. Now, what if the company had a news blog that was written by real people? Shortly after the story broke, the company news blogs could have been on the scene explaining the situation within minutes.

Now I understand that blogs won’t take the place of a press release overnight but it’s ignorant to think that press releases will continue to exist as they do today. They’re too slow, too contrived, and overdone. All of yesterday’s media channels are changing and that includes the press release.

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