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I’ve been working on a graphic that helps me to visualize how traffic flows to a web site. I’ve used the software industry as the basis for this but it could easily be translated to any industry. I’m posting this in hopes of getting some feedback as I’m sure I’m missing some things and would love to hear people’s opinions.

Web Traffic Overview

I’ve found that looking at this diagram has helped me think about how each audience would get to a web site and the types of questions they’d be asking. I’m also working on a series of diagrams that breaks each audience segment into a work flow outlining the questions they’d be asking what information they’d be looking for. I’ll post these at a later time once they’re completed.

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Hopefully my employer doesn’t end up seeing this but it’s time for a job change. Commuting through traffic over 3 hours a day is just too much. This is about 15 hours a week that could be better spent with my family and friends. If you know someone who is looking to hire a web guru (marketing/design/development), preferably northwest of Boston (the Lowell/Burlington/Waltham area) please let me know. My portfolio is available here. I’m looking for the following in no particular order:

  • A company that is still small but looking to grow
  • A company where everyone pulls together for the common good…no “that’s not my job” type culture
  • No more than 30 minutes from my home…ability to work from home once and awhile a plus
  • A company that wants to be great…yes, a lot of companies say this but it’s a rare place where the people in the company actually believe it
  • A company that blogs, uses wikis, or embraces Enterprise 2.0 or at least realizes it needs to use these technologies and wants to start using them now
  • A company where its people are its second greatest asset right behind its customer base which it respects and talks with openly

I know I’m asking for a lot and there’s probably only a handful of companies in the world that fit into this criteria, let alone within 30 minutes of my house, but I’m going to go big and then take it from there. So what would you get from me in return?

  • Someone whose willing to do just about anything to see the company succeed
  • Someone with a broad range of knowledge in web technologies and corporate communication
  • Someone who enjoys change and is always looking for the next “big (or small) thing” that can be leveraged to give a company a competitive edge
  • Someone with 8 years of experience doing all things web who wants the chance to change the world
  • Someone whose tired of all the marketing spam and mass-advertising waste and just wants to “get real” and have real conversations with people about a company’s service or products using the web

Thanks to everyone whose taken the time to read this far. I appreciate your help! Please feel free to comment or email me any related information.

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Google Getting Gamed

The beauty of Google use to be its simplicity and the quality of its search results. Unfortunately, a couple of holes have been punched into this ship by people gaming Google and it’s beginning to take on a little bit of water. Scoble has mentioned this several times in the past and now Steve Rubel has found more problems with Google’s Blog Search getting gamed by sploggers. I’ve noticed similar problems over the past few months but I haven’t found a better alternative. Hopefully Google will plug these holes and we can all continue to use our favorite web search site with confidence. Until then, I’m going to continue to use Google but I’ll definitely be checking out some alternatives to see if they deliver better search results. Who wants my attention?

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