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Ruby on Rails has taken a beating lately with all the down time occurring on Twitter. The Twitter developers have openly stated that Rails isn’t to blame but it hasn’t stopped all the FUD that has been posted.

I have never personally run into any of the scaling problems that have been blamed on Rails but I’ve also never built an application that receives the amount of use that Twitter does. So this has me wondering, where is all the support from the Rails community? 37signals has built several successful Rails apps and there are many others out there. It would be a shame if this pushes people away from a very good web development platform. Any Rails developers out there want to comment on this. Let’s get some positive comments and success stories out there!

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I came across this blog post by Jonathan Fields today. It provides some insight into how Jet Blue is using Twitter to build stronger relationships with its customers. It’s amazing to see how one individual in a large organization can make such an impact by using a simple tool such as Twitter. What isn’t surprising to me is that Jet Blue would go to these lengths to this level of service.

I’ve always had good experiences with Jet Blue even when things haven’t gone quite right. Back in September, I flew across the country with my 18 month old daughter. When we landed at 10pm, we were disappointed to see that they had broken the handle off her stroller. We notified a person at the gate who apologized and directed us to customer service. At customer service, we were given the option to use one of their brand new stroller or purchase a new one which they would obviously pay for. Since it was so late, we decided to use their stroller and purchase a new one when we got home. Despite how difficult this situation could have been, Jet Blue made it as simple as possible for us by dealing with the problem quickly and efficiently.

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