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I’m finally getting caught up on all the zefrank videos I’ve missed. I came across this one where I just love the analogy.

the show with zefrank – February 5, 2007

Having a 1 year old, it bothers me when people try to teach kids the “right way” to be creative. Who is to say what a sand castle should look like? Being a kid is about exploring. If we all did things the “right way” we’d be riding around on horses and rubbing 2 sticks together to make fire.

The same goes for the business world. It’s filled with people ready to show everyone the “right way” to do something. Like the world is filled with formulas that we just need to follow to be successful. The problem is, there are no magical formulas. If there were, we’d all be millionaires living the grandest of life styles. Instead of assuming there is always a “right way” and following what everyone else is doing, explore your creative side. Find new processes. Take risks. Not all of them will work out but in the end the learning process will be invaluable for you and your business. It’s that learning process that sets companies apart, just look at Wal-mart, Amazon.com, Apple, etc.

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